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Remember Me? What's New? Page 5 of 7 First Thread: How much tannerite for a beaver dam. Originally Posted by Markstanco. It left a 3 foot hole. We got the water flowing nicely now. The one thing I think would have been better is to use the PVC, bury it in the ground, and fill it up. The partially buried tea jug worked, but not as well as I think PVC would have.

When going through hell Read Beaverbuy a few 's and get with it. That's it??? We'll see Originally Posted by bigstack. Originally Posted by Panther. Originally Posted by Auto. Originally Posted by DavidG. Shot some tannerite off at our place with my daughter a couple months back. Them VFD boys sure looked disappointed there wasn't a fire. What the Duece?

Originally Posted by BlueGoose. Originally Posted by Texas Heat. I will likely be doing it again this weekend if they build it back. You can stand next to that WEAK blast. Do I play golf? NO SIR, golf is for folks that can't kill ducks and can't catch fish! Originally Posted by jwdavis. My Favorite Bible Verse is John What is yours?

Attached Images z Originally Posted by park duck. I told you you've got to bury that shit in the damn dam. That didn't do shit but waste a bunch of money.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Best way to blow up Beaver damns?

how to tannerite a beaver dam

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Best way to blow up Beaver damns? Is there a legal, safe, easy way to blow up beaver damns? I can't keep up with these pesky varmints in their damming the creeks and one of my deer hunting areas out back tripod base is under waterand don't have access to an extended track hoe.

Blowing up beaver dams....

The county said they were going to help clean out the ones on the creek and a couple of the tributary creeks, but they've never shown up. In the old days we could just stick some dynamite in there and watch it blow, but that doesn't seem to be a likely possibility in today's world without attracting a large crowd.

Any suggestions? Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue. Conservation means the wise use of the earth and its resources for the lasting good of men. Wine coolers and a good meal worked well in the 80's.

Originally Posted by Quackhead I'd give up the deer as a tradeoff for the ducks that it will likely attract if it were me Originally Posted by Duke.

You can blowed it up. But they'll be back. And with help. Originally Posted by Glenn. Join Date Apr Location upstate Posts 7, Without trapping you are just wasting time. They will fix it before you get home. A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user. Originally Posted by WoodieSC. Sounds like fun, but I doubt I could afford enough targets stacked together and waterproofed to do any serious damage to some of these dams.

Originally Posted by 2thDoc. I'll shoot over a kids head in a blind or long gun one on a turkey in a heart beat. You want to kill stuff around me you gonna earn it. Just jump on the dam.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Tannerite on beaver dams. Tannerite on beaver dams Has anyone tried it? Maybe Park has. Originally Posted by dillas Don't think you would get it deep enough to be effective snd still be able to shoot it.

The felon does not fear the police nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim. Col Jeff cooper. Originally Posted by ducksmasher.

You can never have enough horsepower. I think the same would be true for tannerite. Id consult with Carl concerning explosives and rodent like creatures. Back off, Warchild, seriously Originally Posted by Willie T. Hate to bring bad news, but Carl Spackler received total consciousness Glue cap on drive pvc into damn deep as you can.

Mix tannerite up pour in pvc and get it above water line fill pvc with chat or rocks. Glue top cap on. I'm on a Crown Royal diet.

What to do about beavers

Already lost three days.I have two dams that need to be gone. The dams are about 2 foot tall, 1 foot thick. Yes, this is legal.

I'm looking to get the flow of the creek going again. I just order 10 lbs of tannerite and have 3 lbs more already. All I need is a decent hole to drain them. I was Thinking about a 5lb charge on each. What do you think?

how to tannerite a beaver dam

My uncle wants it gone so i said hay i can blow it up for you! Were doing it halfway for enjoyment. Demolition is set for our next family reunion so we can put on a show. We will be back plenty of yards. All that's left to decide is how much explosives to use. Tannerite is not an explosive. It does not 'Blow Up'. Striking a contaner of Tannerite with a bullet simply starts a water molecule based chain reaction - that results in water molecule expansion - and expansion that looks cool, but, aint no explosion.

It has no flame, no spark and not much for pressure. It's not going to make the dam go away - damage it a tiny bit, but, that is all. Your 'grand show' is guaranteed to disapoint. Just as giving a kid a bagel for his birthday cake is no substitute, so is using tannerite for this.

how to tannerite a beaver dam

All you need to do is find a local person who is a licensed explosives handler. They will use the correct stuff and deal with it better. It's not expensive, and, not difficult.

What you paid for the tanneriate is more than a real explosive like Emulex would cost. I think you should consider a more controlled method of demolition. You're also going to need to either kill or live trap the beavers.

Have you contacted the DNR to find out what they suggest? Explosions are no laughing matter.

How To Get Rid of Beavers

You might find yourself impaled with broken branches if you use too much tannerite, so why not just see if there's a less explosive means to deal with your problem? Check with laws first about demo of a beaver dam.

If it is against the law someone will be needing a lawyer for sure if wardens find out. Water flowing downstream will it affect neighboring properties? Roadway culverts? Best thing is to trap them or nuisance permit for them. Permit allows some dame removal so traps can be set. I say go big or go home. I would try 50 lbs on the first one and then adjust up or down from there.

I know this is beside the point, but if you're using it for enjoyment you oughta get some extra fireworks to go with it.Beaver Info. Do It Yourself. Hire a Pro. About Me. Home Beaver Info. How To Get Rid of Beavers Beavers are determined, methodical workers, and an area near your home that was fine can be flooded a day later from the dams created by these large rodents. One family ground of beavers can strip and removed trees overnight, build a lodge and a dam, and create a pond out of what used to be a free-flowing stream.

Though beavers are an incredible help to nature—creating wetlands and habitats for other animals—they are often a nuisance to people due to flooding issues.

Tree damage is often a secondary concern for property owners. A family of beavers will eat the bark of trees and drag small saplings into the lodge for storage. Removal of trees around embankments can cause erosion and can add to flooding concerns. In rare instances, beavers have been known to spread a protozoan called giardia though water supplies. No matter what the reason for removal, a nuisance beaver should be handled by someone with knowledge and experience in the field.

To get rid of a beaver, you need to know if you are dealing with a solitary creature or if there is a family of beavers living in the lodge.

Attempt at Blowing Dam with Tannerite

All members of the beaver group will be active and put to a task, so if one is out, chances are you will see the others as well. Once you know how many beavers you are dealing with, your only option is to trap them. There are no repellents or poisons available for beavers. Poisons are especially cautioned against there are no approved brands because beavers live in and near the water. Poisoning a beaver may result in the inadvertent poisoning of other wild and domestic animals or people.

Beavers must be trapped and removed. Trapping beavers is not for the faint of heart, nor for the inexperienced. Beavers are among the nuisance animals known to be very intelligent. If a trap is set inappropriately, the beaver will forever avoid it. Setting beaver traps is also difficult and takes a good amount of precision and diligence.

The first step is to select the type of trap you want to use. The most common traps are connibear body-gripping traps and clamshell traps, though some people still use leg holds and drowning snares. Regardless of the type of trap you select, you will need to settle on a good location. Beaver runs are not hard to find. There are usually a number of patted down passages near the lodge that can be used.

Some traps are best set in the water or near the urine-marked puddles beavers use to define territories. This is when experience is helpful. Once you have selected your spot, bait the trap with castor scent from another beaver.Beaver dam removal is a potentially dangerous exercise and fraught with potential legal concerns.

Always consult with government officials prior to disturbing any beaver dam. State Agencies. Dam removal can also cause severe property damage or loss of life; at best, it can be just a complete waste of time. If the beavers have been removed from the site and it has been determined that the dam needs to be removed, then you have several options.

However, before employing the options, you should consider the downstream risks of rapidly removing a dam. Rapid dam removal can result in the collapse of other dams that are downstream. Rapid dam removal also causes erosion and other potentially negative environmental effects. Blasting the dam. Some individuals are experienced in using explosives to remove dams. Of course, safety and legal concerns should be addressed prior to using this method. This technique can also result in rapid dam removal provided the equipment can reach the dam safely.

Hand removal. Although slower, it does offer the safer alternative to both the user and the environment. Simply cut several 6-inch-deep notches in the dam to let the water flow through.

Come back each day to lower the dam some more. Dams at culverts: Be especially careful in removing dams from culverts. Avoid removing a dam from the downstream side as a catastrophic failure of the dam can result in the drowning of workers.

Avoid entering a culvert to remove a dam by hand. Remember, if the problem is water height and not tree damage, consider employing beaver pipes to control flooding. Skip to content Beaver dam removal is a potentially dangerous exercise and fraught with potential legal concerns.

State Agencies Dam removal can also cause severe property damage or loss of life; at best, it can be just a complete waste of time. Previous Post Previous How large of an animal will an eagle attack? Next Post Next I recently noticed holes in my yard that are about 2 inches wide. What could be causing these?Remember Me? What's New? Last Jump to page: Results 21 to 40 of Thread: How much tannerite for a beaver dam.

Custodis Mortalis I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people. Originally Posted by Catdaddy. You could trap the beavers out in days with a conibear trap and then just break the dam open.

No matter how much explosive you use, they will build it back. Originally Posted by Lumberjack. Speaking of beavers, I saw the biggest beaver I've ever seen on the Red the other day, somb got within 3' of me. Originally Posted by 2indapink.

You're wasting money and time. They will have it built back in 48 hrs. Otherwise you're pissing in the wind. You should absolutely do it. Not that it will be effective but you should absolutely do it. Originally Posted by Duckster. Pat, You can have a damn horsecock sammich for all I care. Dont come cryin to me all hungry and whining you ungrateful redbone Beauregard parish illegitimate git of a pulpwooder and a truck stop hoe.

Lucky for you that Mr. Wells took you in after finding you in a bar ditch. Originally Posted by Markstanco.